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The quality of our products is strictly accordance with international standards to execute from the beginning of a screw. For example, all the accessories that products need are bought from the company with CE certification, all the processing equipments that we used are high-performance machine, and are operated by the masters who have more than five years experience, all the power are produced in the dust-free static free workshop, zero damage to the semi-finished products before the storage, finished products do two quality control procedures, and quality inspection again before shipment, roast machine 2 hours, use aluminum alloy package with the EEP packaging machine, ensure the machine is foolproof to the customers.coffers clean management, production 10 days in advance stocking, machines which  more than 3 months do sample handling,  workers in production strictly accordance with the processing drawing, all the detection devices are the inspection products inspected by Bureau of Weights and Measures, every day we do the work logs, find problems and correct them promptly. Do the training of new products every month. Each machine has a separate SN number, can traced from the accessories to the semi-finished products to the production workers to quality control personnel, out of storage personnel, to logistics, to customers, to the after-sale of a full range tracking system, the whole production process is  strictly enforced according to ISO13485 and medical CE standards


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